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A1 - The simple past of estar in Spanish

The past of estar in Spanish.

Note that whenever we are saying something that can be a translation of "to be" in Spanish we have to be eternally vigilant to remember that there are 2 verbs for "to be"  - ser and estar.   In most of the examples in this lesson we are speaking about location or where something was at a specific moment in the past. The past of estar is very useful when speaking about where something was in the past and also for speaking about temporary states eg "estuve triste esta mañana" I was sad this morning. 

Subject Auxillary Spanish
I was estuve
You were estuviste
He was estuvo
She was estuvo
It was estuvo
We were estuvimos
You were estuvisteis
They were estuvieron

+ I was in Madrid yesterday
+ Estuve en Madrid ayer

- I wasn't in London yesterday
- No estuve en Madrid ayer

? Were you in Paris yesterday?
? ¿Estuvistes en Paris ayer?

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The first  line is a  in English
The second line line is a translation into Spanish

Use this lesson to learn how to use estar in the past.

Full conjugation of estar
Ser and Estar tutorial

The Contents

I was with my sister.
Estuve con mi hermana.
I was in Madrid yesterday.
Estuve en Madrid ayer.
Where were you last week?
¿Dónde estuviste la semana pasada?
Were you at the bar last night?
¿estuviste en el bar anoche?
My father was here two days ago.
Mi padre estuvo aquí hace dos días.
He was about to die.
Estuvo a punto de morir.
We were in california during the earthquake.
Estuvimos en california durante el terremoto.
We were very comfortable / happy at the hotel.
Estuvimos muy a gusto en el hotel.
Last week you were in Salamanca
La semana pasada estuvisteis en Salamanca
How many days were you there?
¿Cuántos días estuvisteis allí?
How many animals were in the house?
¿Cuántos animales estuvieron en la casa?
A year ago I was in Paris.
Hace un año estuve en Paris.
I was three months without eating cookies.
Estuve tres meses sin comer galletas.
I was pregnant three times.
Estuve embarazada tres veces.
My father did not agree with him.
Mi padre no estuvo de acuerdo con él.
They were never alone.
Nunca estuvieron solos.
Our future was in his hands.
Nuestro futuro estuvo en sus manos.
Were you at the party?
¿estuviste en la fiesta?
In the first half hour we were not very good. (football)
En la primera media hora no estuvimos muy bien. (fútbol)
They were not invited to the party.
no estuvieron invitados a la fiesta.
He was "drunk" for 5 years ... But without having a drop of alcohol.
Estuvo "borracho" durante 5 años… Pero sin tomar ni una gota de alcohol.
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