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Say things about someone else in Spanish?

Speaking about somebody else in Spanish.

The first thing you might notice is that is in English we always explicitly say who we are refering to with he she or it in Spanish it is not necesarilly so.

vive Could mean he she or it lives.

It is not normally a problem because it is obvious from the context.

If you really want you can include a subject pronoun. eg él vive He lives

We have included the subject pronoun in some of the examples but they are optional.

Another thing you might notice is that speaking about the 3rd person in Spanish is very much like using "usted" or the formal style.
Usted vive You live? (formal style)

Note also that "su" could be either his or her.
su deportista favorito his or her favourite sports person
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The first line is an example word in English
The second line is and example word in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn how to speak to other people about a third person in Spanish.
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The Contents

His name is Pablo.
Se llama Pablo.
She is from Madrid.
Es de madrid
He is French.
Él es francés.
She lives in England.
Vive en inglaterra
Her father was born in Germany.
Su padre nació en Alemania.
His father lives with his girlfriend.
Su padre vive con su novia.
His boyfriend is 25 years old.
Su novio tiene 25 años.
He is an accountant.
Él es contable
My sister has a dog and two cats.
Mi hermana tiene un perro y dos gatos.
Her favourite colour is blue.
Su color favorito es el azul.
Her brother is fat.
Su hermano es gordo.
His father plays tennis in his free time.
Su padre juega al tenis en su tiempo libre.
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