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Telling the time in Spanish.

Telling the time in Spanish.

To tell the time in Spanish is fairly easy.
These are some things you should know.

We use the verb ser with the time of day.
Es is used for the singulat 'one o'clock' and son is used for all the plurals.

Es la una.
It is one o'clock.

Son las cinco.
It is five o'clock.

We use the feminine article (la, las) before the hour because we are referring to 'la hora' which is feminine.

Es la una.
It is one o'clock.

Son las ocho.
It is eight o'clock.

For minutes past the hour we use y

Es la una y diez.
It is ten minutes past one.

Son las seis y veinte.
It is twenty past six.

For minutes before the hour we use menos

Es la una menos diez.
It is ten minutes to one.

Son las seis menos veinte.
It is twenty to six.

Half is media and quarter is cuarto.

Es la una y media.
It is half past one.

Son las cinco y cuarto.
It is quarter past five.

Son las cuatro menos cuarto.
It is quarter to four.

To say when something happens we use a + la(s) + time.

La fiesta empieza a las once.
The party starts at eleven.

El supermercado abre a las diez y media.
The supermarket opens at half past ten.

In Spain PM and AM is not used.
Some people use the 24 hour clock and say, for example.
A las 14 horas = at 2pm

Or you can specify the part of the day eg:
Por la mañana - In the morning
Por la tarde - In the Afternoon.
Por la Noche - At night.
Por la madrugada - In the early hours of the morning.

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The first line is an example word in English
The second line is and example word in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn how to tell the time in Spanish.

The Contents

What time is it?
¿Qué hora es?
What time shall we meet?
¿a qué hora quedamos?
It's five past two.
Son las dos y cinco.
It's twenty to five.
Son las cinco menos veinte.
It's twenty past five
Son las cinco y veinte
It is ten minutes to one.
Es la una menos diez.
we meet at 10.
nos quedamos a las 10.
la medianoche
el mediodía
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