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Have used for possession in Spanish

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The first line is a word in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first line.

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The Contents

I do not have much money.
No tengo mucho dinero
Do you have any tomatoes?
¿Tienes tomates?
I have green eyes and blonde hair.
Tengo los ojos verdes y el pelo rubio.
My husband has the flu.
Mi marido tiene gripe.
I have two children
tengo dos hijos
I don't have any children.
No tengo hijos
We have three dogs
Tenemos tres perros
I have no idea
no tengo ni idea
They don't have any money.
No tienen dinero.
Do you have everything you need?
¿Tienes todo lo que necesitas?
Do you have change for fifty euros?
¿Tienes cambio por cincuenta euros?
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