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Speaking about obligation in Spanish

Speaking about obligation in Spanish is very easy and very useful.
You can use the infinitives of the verbs so with a very small amount of knowledge you can say a lot of things.

In this lesson we are going to use 4 simple structures to speak about obligation.

Tengo que estudiar más - I have to study more
Tienen que pagar la multa - They have to pay the fine.

Note: To use "tener que" (to have to) You have to know the conjugation of tener. Here it is:
Tengo - I have : Tienes - You have : Tiene - Hs/she/it has : Tenemos - We have : Teneis - You Have : Tienen - They have.
To see the full conjugation Click Here It is avery irregular verb.

Debo aprender francés - I must learn French
Debes ayudarme - You must help me

Note: To use "deber" (must) You have to know the conjugation of deber. Here it is:
Debo - I must : Debes- You must : Debe - Hs/she/it must : Debemos - We must: Debeis - You must : Deben - They must.
To see the full conjugation Click Here It is a regular verb.

No deberías fumar tanto - You should not smoke so much.
Deberias tener precaucion - You ought to be careful.

Note: "Deberia" is a very low form of obligation and it is more like advice. It can be translated by "should" or "ought to".

Hay que sacar un examen. - You have to pass an exam. One must pass an exam.
Hay que pagar - You hay to pay. One must pay.

Note: The best translation of "hay que" is "one must" but in English that make you sound like a member of the British royal family. If you use "hay que" you don't have to mention who is making the obligation.

NOTE: If you read grammar book or online grammar lessons many of them will tell you all sorts of nonsense about the types of obligation used by must and have to etc. The examples we have used in this lesson have been harvested from our online chatroom so they represent the language that people actually use.
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The first line is a word in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first line.
Use this lesson to rapidly increase your knowledge of how to speak about obligation in Spanish.

The Contents

before letting people procreate, they should pass a test to see if they are suitable to be parents
antes de dejar a la gente procrear, deberían pasar un test para ver si son aptos para ser padres
they should start to clone meat economically
deberian empezar a clonar carne de manera economica
You should save some money.
Deberías ahorrar algo de dinero.
you should learn from Rick
deberías aprender de Rick
You should look for a partner
deberias buscarte pareja
You should marry Luke
Deberías casarte con Luke
You should marry a Venezuelan
deberias casarte con una venezolana
you should get a latina girlfriend
deberias conseguir una novia latina
you should consult with the doctor
deberias consultarte con el medico
you should stop eating disgusting things
deberias dejar de comer cosas asquerosas
You should be with your wife instead of fighting with everyone
deberias estar con tu mujer en vez de pelear con todo el mundo
You should put your feet in very hot water with salt.
Deberías meter tus pies en agua muy caliente con sal.
you should try something else
deberias probar otra cosa
You should try seafood.
deberías probar mariscos.
you should be careful
deberias tener precaucion
you should come often
deberías venir con frecuencia
I have to study today.
Debo estudiar hoy.
in Spain they should give up the bulls
en españa deberian dejar los toros
that, has to be corrected
eso hay que correjirlo
you have to accept yourself
hay que aceptarse a uno mismo
one must earn more money
hay que ganar mas dinero
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