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Trivia questions about the Spanish language

Trivia questions about the Spanish language.

Fun facts about the Spanish language.

This is just some interesting facts we found out about the Spanish language.

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The first line is the question in English
The second line is the question in Spanish

Use this lesson to rapidly increase your knowledge about the Spanish language.

The Contents

How many people in the world speak Spanish?
It is estimated that between 400 and 450 million people speak Spanish.
What does "┬┐" mean?
You might have noticed that in English we use a different word order for questions. eg Are you hungry? and statements eg. You are hungry. In Spanish the word order does not change. We know it is a question because the intonation changes. This is more common in American English. An American may say "You hungry?" (with a question intonation). So, if we are reading we don't know if it is a question or not. For this reason questions are surrounded by ┬┐ ? ┬┐entiendes? (Do you understand?)
Is there much Arabic influence in the Spanish language?
Spain was ruled by the Arabic muslims between 711 and 1492. This has left a big Arabic influence. It is said that around 9% of Spanish is strongly influenced by Arabic. For example aceite: oil. From Arabic az-zayt. alcalde: Mayor. From Arabic al-qadi (the judge).
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