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Hiking vocabulary in Spanish

Spanish for going walking or hiking

Going for a walk with a mixed group of Spanish and English native speakers is a great way to learn Spanish.

Many people like to practice English and you can practice your Spanish. This is called an intercambio.

The vocabulary in this page is very typical of people who go hiking.

Corrections and editorial advice for this lesson were provided by Maika from Bilbao Spain.

Andrea Fuentes Pacheco:  has kindly pointed out that "paseo" is often used to refer a very soft walk (stroll) in Spanish. It is more  natural to say "ruta" instead of paseo in this context.

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The first line is in  English.
The second line is the translation in Spanish.

Use this lesson to rapidly increase your Spanish vocabulary.

The Examples

How long does the walk take?
¿Cuánto tiempo dura el paseo?
What is the highest point of the walk?
¿Cuál es el punto más alto del paseo?
Where are we going to eat?
¿Dónde vamos a comer?
Are we going for a drink after the walk?
¿Vamos a tomar algo después del paseo?
Are dogs allowed?
¿Se admiten perros? ¿Podemos llevar perros?
Does anyone have a painkiller?
¿Alguien tiene algo para el dolor?
Do you mind if I take your photo?
¿Te importa si te saco una foto?
Shall we take a selfie?
¿Nos hacemos un selfie?
Shall we wait for Pablo?
¿Esperamos a Pablo?
I'll catch you up later
Te alcanzaré más tarde
It takes 90 minutes to reach the top of the mountain.
Se tarda 90 minutos en llegar a la cima de la montaña.
What is the cumulative height gain?
¿Cuál es el desnivel?
I'm thirsty, shall we stop for a drink of water.
Tengo sed, ¿nos paramos a beber un poco de agua?
Be careful of the processionary caterpillars!
¡Cuidado con las procesionarias!
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