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Speaking about yourself in Spanish

Speaking about yourself.

People say that most people like speaking about themselves. Well now you can speak about yourself in Spanish. Here are 51 sentences you can use to speak about yourself.
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The first line is an example word in English
The second line is and example word in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn how to speak about yourself in Spanish.
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The Contents

My name is Susan
Me llamo Susan
I'm from England
Soy de inglaterra
I am English
Soy inglesa
I live in Spain
Vivo en españa
I was born in Liverpool
Nací en Liverpool
I live with my boyfriend in the centre of Burgos.
Vivo con mi novio en el centro de burgos.
I'm 30 years old.
Tengo 30 años
I am a nurse.
Soy enfermera
I have a dog and a cat.
Tengo un perro y un gato.
I like eating, football, music and tennis
Me gusta comer, fútbol, música y tenis.
I don't like the rain, boring people nor waiting in a queue.
No me gusta la lluvia, personas aburridas ni hacer colas.
In my free time I go hiking and I am learning to play the violin.
En mi tiempo libre hago el senderismo y estoy aprendiendo a tocar el violín.
After work I go for a coffee or a beer with my friends.
Después del trabajo tomo un café o una cerveza con mis amigos.
My favourite actor is Brad Pitt because he is handsome and intelligent.
Mi actor favorito es Brad Pitt porque es guapo e inteligente.
I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.
Tengo 3 hermanos y una hermana.
I have 1 brother and 2 sisters.
Tengo 1 hermano y 2 hermanas.
My brother's name is Alan
Mi hermano se llama Alan
My sisters' names are Jane and Patricia
Mis hermanas se llaman Jane y Patricia.
My ambition is to win the lottery.
Mi ambición es ganar la lotería.
I like travelling.
Me gusta viajar
I would like to visit South America.
Me gustaría visitar Sudamérica.
I am a little fat because I eat too many cakes.
Estoy un poco gordo porque como demasiados pasteles.
I would like to travel to see more places.
Me gustaría viajar para ver más lugares.
I have long blonde hair.
Tengo el pelo largo y rubio.
I like football and I support Liverpool.
Me gusta el fútbol y apoyo al Liverpool.
My favourite football player is Fernando Torres.
Mi jugador de fútbol favorito es Fernando Torres.
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