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There is / There are - There was / There were in Spanish - Hay Había

The good news is that it is very easy to say There is / There are and There was / There were in Spanish.

All you need is "Hay" to talk about the present and "Había" to talk about the past.

In English, we make this quite complicated because we use "some" and "any" with there is/there are.

In English, we would ask: Is there any wine? In Spanish, you just ask: ¿Hay vino?

It is also very easy to talk about the past and you just use Había instead of Hay.

The pronunciation of "Hay" is the same as "I" in English because the "h" in Spanish is always silent.

Learning how to use "hay" is probably the most useful and easiest thing you can learn in Spanish.

In a couple of the examples, we use "No hay ningún". This just gives some extra emphasis to the negative and you can omit the word "ningún".
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The first line is a sentence in English.
The second word is the Spanish translation of the line.
Use this lesson to rapidly increase your knowledge of there is and there are in Spanish
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The Contents

There are 4 green bottles
Hay cuatro botellas verdes.
There isn't any water
No hay agua
Is there a menu of the day here?
¿Hay menu del día aqui?
There are many fish in the sea.
Hay muchos peces en el mar
There is no direct bus from Granada airport to the Sierra Nevada.
No hay ningún autobús directo desde el aeropuerto de Granada hasta Sierra Nevada
There are several examples of this.
hay varios ejemplos de este
Is there any bread?
¿hay pan?
There isn't any
No hay
Yes, there is.
Si hay
There isn't any hot water
No hay agua caliente
There is no problem
no hay problema
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