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The Demonstratives in Spanish - This that those etc

This, that, these and those are called demonstrative adjectives or pronouns.

In this lesson, we will learn how to use them in Spanish.

In Spanish, there is an extra category which does not exist in English for very far away which is "Aquel" and "Aquello".

The "far away" can be far away in distance or in time
for example
That night (a while ago) = "aquella noche"

Before you do the flashcards, study the table below.
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This Este Esta
These Estos Estas
That Ese Esa
Those Esos Esas
That (over there) Aquel Aquella
Those (over there) Aquellos Aquellas

Note: It is also possible to use demonstratives where the gender is neutral.
  1. You don’t know what the gender is.
  2. The gender is not important.
  3. Speaking about an abstract idea

    In reality you only need to know esto eso, or aquello when using the neutral demonstratives.

    Examples are: ¿Qué es esto? - What is this? ¡Eso es! - That's it!

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The Contents

This is an important moment.
Este es un momento importante.
This is the end.
Este es el final.
What is that?
¿Qué es eso?
That table
Esa mesa
That is a cat
Eso es un gato
Those windows
esas ventanas
those books over there
aquellos libros
That night (some time ago)
Aquella noche
that is why
por eso
These houses.
Estas casas
Those beds.
Esas camas
Those cities (far away)
Aquellas ciudades
That man
Aquel hombre
This is difficult
esto es difícil
These books are mine.
Estos libros son mios.
In those times (long ago)
En aquellos tiempos
That house is far away.
aquella casa está lejos
I like that car.
Ese coche me gusta.
What is this?
¿Qué es este?
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