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Second 5 verbs in Spanish

The second top five verbs in Spanish

We are going to practice the most common verbs in Spanish.

The examples are all in the present.

This lesson is for people with a low level of Spanish who want to quickly get used to Spanish verbs.

If you can't use the verbs in this lesson you will never learn Spanish.

If you think learning these verbs is too boring.

Just give up learning Spanish. You are not going to be able to do anything without them.

It would be like a car without wheels.

They are the fundamental building blocks that you need.

Note that there are 2 verbs "to be" in Spanish.  Ser and Estar. They are both very irregular.

Using Ser and Estar  is one of the difficult things in Spanish.

Using this lesson you should at least learn exactly how they are formed and their conjugation.

The subject (person or thing that does an action) is in brackets because the subject is not usually used in Spanish because it is contained/indicated in the verb.

The five verbs are:

To want  - Querer

To know  -  Saber

To be - Estar

To see - Ver

To go  - Ir

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The first line is an English sentence -
The second line is the translation in Spanish.

Use this lesson to rapidly increase your Spanish vocabulary.

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The Examples

I want
(yo) quiero
you want (familiar singular)
(tú) quieres
you want (formal singular)
(usted) quiere
he / she wants
(él / ella) - quiere
we want
(nosotros / nosotras) - queremos
you want (familiar plural)
(vosotros / vosotras) - queréis
you wany (formal plural)
(ustedes) - quieren
they want
(ellos / ellas) - quieren
I know (something)
(yo) sé
you know (something) (familiar singular)
(tú) sabes
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