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Reading Comprehension in Basic Spanish.


Introduction: We have scoured the internet for the most interesting facts we could find. The intention is to give you and incentive to read in Spanish and keep you entertained. If you are interested in a topic copy and paste the Spanish into google and you will find all sorts of interesting articles about these subjects.

When you are learning a language you should imagine that you have a monitor sitting on your shoulder. The monitor should be noticing things and whispering things into your ear.

For Example:
In English we can use a plural to refer to an entire class of things (meaning all of them) . EG. Babies, bees, cats etc.

It is the same in Spanish but we use the definite article before the noun. EG Los bebés, Las abejas , Los gatos etc.

Note: Las vidas de los negros son importantes = Black lives matter.
You could also say: Las vidas de los negros importan

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The first line is a sentence in Spanish.
The second line is the translation of the sentence in Spanish.

Use this lesson to learn how to read simple text in Spanish about interesting facts.

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The Contents

Issac newton pronosticó el fin del mundo para el año 2060.
Issac Newton predicted the world would end in 2060.
Dos tercios de la población nunca ha visto la nieve.
Two thirds of the population has never seen snow.
Las abejas pueden reconocer rostros humanos
Bees can recognize human faces
La cantidad promedio de amigos de los usuarios de Facebook es de unos 130 amigos por usuario.
The average number of friends of Facebook users is about 130 friends per user.
Las jirafas no emiten ningún sonido
Giraffes don't emit any sound
Algunos peces tienen anticongelante natural en su sangre.
Some fish have natural antifreeze in their blood.
En el Polo Norte el sol nunca se pone desde el 21 de marzo hasta el 23 de septiembre.
At the North Pole the sun never sets from March 21 to September 23.
Los bebés que viven con perros tienen menos alergias.
Babies who live with dogs have fewer allergies.
La letra “J”, es la única letra que no aparece en la tabla periódica.
The letter "J" is the only letter that does not appear in the periodic table.
Los gatos duermen más del 70% de sus vidas.
Cats sleep more than 70% of their lives.
La e es la letra y la vocal más usada en el inglés, y la r es la consonante más usada.
E is the most used letter and vowel in English, and r is the most used consonant.
Las hormigas no duermen.
Ants don't sleep.
El nombre más común del mundo es Mohammed.
The most common name in the world is Mohammed.
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