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Regular ER verbs in the present.

The Regular ER verbs in the present in Spanish.

In the examples we have used verbs like: beber, comer etc.

The conjugation of er verbs

Bebo - I drink
Bebes - You drink(familiar)
Usted Bebe - You drink (formal)
Bebe - He she it, drinks
Bebemos - We drink
Bebéis - You drink - (familiar)
Ustedes Beben - you drink - (formal)
Beben - They drink

14% of Spanish verbs are ER verbs.
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The first line is a subject - verb in English - Spanish infinitive. (notes about formality and person if necesary)
The second line is the Spanish translation of the subject verb from the first line.
The third line is an example sentence in English
The fourth Line is and example sentence in Spanish.
Use this lesson to practice your knowledge of the regular ER verbs in the present.
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The Contents

the cats drink - beber
Los gatos beben
The cats drink cow's milk.
Los gatos beben leche de vaca
Your friends eat - comer
Tus amigos comen
Your friends eat pasta and pizza.
Tus amigos comen pasta y pizza.
We drink - beber
We drink too much lemonade.
Bebemos demasiado limonada.
you must - deber
you must drive carefully
debes conducir con cuidado
Do you drink? - beber (familar singular)
Do you drink coffee or tea?
¿Bebes café o té?
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