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Spanish for a visit to the hairdresser

Going to the barber's or hairdressers.
Hopefully this lesson will prepare you for when you get your hair cut while in a Spanish speaking country.

Even if you don't feel confident enough to have a big conversation about your holidays with the hairdresser in Spanish at least you will be able to ask who is last in the queue.
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The first line is an example sentence in English
The second line is and example sentence in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn about the things you can say at a hairdreser's or barbers in a Spanish speaking country.

The Contents

the hair cut
el corte de pelo
hair drier
secador de pelo
the beard trim
el arreglo de barba
the hairstyle
el peinado
a hot towel
una toalla caliente
gentlemen's hairdresser / barber's / barbershop
peluquería de caballeros
closely shaven sides
con laterales rapados
I want long sideburns down to the jaw.
quiero patillas largas hasta la mandíbula.
I don't want a centre parting.
No quiero la raya en medio.
I want a side parting.
Quiero con la raya al lado.
Can you do my eyebrows?
¿Me puede arreglar las cejas?
I have curly hair.
¿Tengo el pelo rizado?
I want a fringe up to the middle of the forehead.
quiero un flequillo hasta mitad de la frente
I have wavy hair.
Tengo el pelo ondulado.
behind the ear
detrás de la oreja
braids, plaits
styling gel
gel fijador
I want a haircut.
Quiero un corte de pelo.
I want a beard like Ragnar Lothbrok.
Quiero una barba como Ragnar Lothbrok.
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