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40 ways of answering the question - When - Spanish time adverbials

40 ways of answering the question "when" in Spanish.

The vocabulary in this lesson is the "time adverbials" in Spanish.
An easier way of saying this is: how to answer the question "when" in Spanish with less than 4 words.

So if some one asks one of these questions you will be able to give an answer.

¿cuándo vas a visitarme? When are you going to visit me?
¿cuándo te levantes? When do you get up?
¿cuándo fuistes a inglaterra? When did you go to England?
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The first line is an example word in English
The second line is and example word in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn how to use the time adverbials in Spanish.

The Contents

in the future
en el futuro
at present
long ago
hace mucho tiempo
in five minutes.
dentro de cinco minutos.
in the morning
por la mañana
before October
antes de octubre
the next day
el dia siguiente
hoy en día
five minutes ago
hace cinco minutos
right away
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