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Covid 19 in Spanish

Speaking about COVID in Spanish.

This vocabulary has been harvested from online newspaper articles and other sources about Covid 19 in Spanish.
Some of the vocabulary and structures are difficult for this level. The objective is to learn the most common sentences and vocabulary so that you can speak about covid 19 in Spanish.
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The first line is word in English
The second word in Spanish

Use this lesson to learn how to speak about Covid 19 in Spanish.

The Contents

There was no toilet paper in the supermarket
No habia papel higienico en el supermercado
Have you had covid-19?
¿Has tenido el covid-19?
Where are you spending lockdown?
¿dónde estás pasando el confinamiento?
the common cold
el resfriado común
An outbreak is the sudden appearance of illness due to infection in a specific location.
Un brote es la aparición repentina de una enfermedad debida a una infección en un lugar específico.
How long does it take to recover from COVID?
¿Cuánto se tarda en recuperarse de COVID?
AstraZeneca expects to conclude phase three of the vaccine by the end of November.
AstraZeneca espera concluir la fase tres de la vacuna a finales de noviembre
These viruses can be spread by person-to-person contact.
Estos virus pueden propagarse por contacto de persona a persona.
It can lead to a more serious illness:
puede provocar una enfermedad más grave:
About 2% of the people who contracted this disease died
Alrededor del 2% de las personas que contrajeron esta enfermedad murieron
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