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50 sentences for an Airbnb host or keyholder in Spanish.

Vocabulary for an airbnb host dealing with Spanish speaking clients.

50 useful sentences for hosts and keyholders in Spanish

This lesson is a situational lesson designed to help with a specific situation. Many people who are airbnb hosts or professional keyholders may have Spanish speaking guests who speak little or no English so knowing some of the key vocabulary will be very useful.

It will also be useful if you are a guest yourself and you have booked a short term rental through a site like homeaway, trip advisor, airbnb, booking.com etc. Many of the hosts don't speak English very well.

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The first line is an example in English
The second line is an example in Spanish

This lesson will help you if you are an airbnb host or you let Spanish speaking guests into your house.

The Contents

Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Bienvenido y disfruta de tu estancia.
Can you tell me the arrival and departure times?
¿Puedes darme el horario de llegada y salida?
Do you have a question I can help you with?
¿Tienes alguna duda en la que te puedo ayudar?
Do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you with something.
No dudes en contactarme si puedo ayudarte en algo.
I hope you enjoyed the stay.
Espero que hayas disfrutado de la estancia.
Does the house have a garage?
¿La casa dispone de garaje?
Is there parking in the area?
¿hay aparcamiento por la zona?
Is the parking paid?
¿El aparcamiento es de pago?
There are two towels per person.
Hay dos toallas por persona.
Can I smoke inside the house?
¿se puede fumar dentro de la casa?
Is the cooker gas or electric?
La cocina es a gas o eléctrica?
How many sets of keys are there?
¿cuántos juegos de llaves hay?
I'm lost.
Estoy perdido.
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