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Base Vocabulary Spanish course 301-326

Learn the Base Vocabulary for the Spanish course. The base vocabulary 800 words this lesson contains 301-326

All the examples in this lesson have been said in the Espanglishchat chatroom by native Spanish speakers.
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The first word is in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first word.
The third line is the word in English in a sentence.
The fourth line is the word in Spanish in a sentence.

Use this lesson to rapidly increase your Spanish vocabulary.

The Explanations.

el hielo
a milkshake with crushed ice
un batido con hielo picado
a son
un hijo
I have three children: one son and two daughters.
Tengo tres hijos: un hijo y dos hijas.
the man
el hombre
The man is the head of the family.
El hombre es el cabeza de familia.
the shoulder
el hombro
I have shoulder pain.
Tengo dolor de hombro.
the time
la hora
It is time to eat.
Es la hora de comer.
el horario
summer timetable
horario de verano
I start my holidays today.
Empiezo las vacaciones hoy.
the bone
el hueso
Adults have 206 bones.
Los adultos tienen 206 huesos.
the egg
el huevo
Do you want a fried egg?
┬┐quieres un huevo frito?
the smoke
el humo
Tobacco smoke is very bad.
El humo del tabaco es muy malo.
a round-trip
de ida y vuelta
The price of the round-trip ticket is 100 euros.
El precio del billete de ida y vuelta es 100 euros.
the identity
la identidad
I don't want to share my identity.
No quiero compartir mi identidad.
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