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Base Vocabulary Spanish course 276-300

Learn the Base Vocabulary for the Spanish course. The base vocabulary 800 words this lesson contains 276-300.

All the examples in this lesson have been said in the Espanglishchat chatroom by native Spanish speakers.
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The first word is in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first word.
The third line is the word in English in a sentence.
The fourth line is the word in Spanish in a sentence.

Use this lesson to rapidly increase your Spanish vocabulary.

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The Explanations.

las gafas
I love mirrored sunglasses.
me encantan las gafas de sol de espejo
the biscuit
la galleta
They are biscuits covered in chocolate.
son galletas cubiertas de chocolate
you are going to win the prize
vas a ganar el premio
la garganta
my throat hurts
me duele la garganta
I have just spent 50 euros
me acabo de gastar 50 euros
the cat
el gato
curiosity killed the cat
La curiosidad mató al gato
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