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How to chat people up in Spanish

How to chat people up in Spanish:
The chat people up in Spanish is to "ligar"

The most common way of doing this is to "hacer piropos" (make flattering comments)
and also to "flirtear" or "coquetear" (flirt)

As I am married I don't ever flirt so I had to look on internet for examples.
I visited about 25 web pages to find "frases para ligar" (chat up lines)
I was quite surprised to find the same 30 or so cheesy chat up lines on almost all of the sites.
They must have all copied each other.
I have included some of the less annoying ones which are more or less at the level of this course.

I have included some flattering comments and a few sentences to "romper el hielo" ( break the ice)

I don't think you will end up with a new Spanish boy or girlfriend using my lesson but at least you may find it amusing.

Some of the examples are a bit higher than level of this course.

In the examples you will see "Me gustas" which means I like you.
The verb gustar is a bit strange for a English speaker.
It helps if you think that "gustar" means (to be pleasing)
So "me gustas" means (to me - you are pleasing)

You can see more info on the verb gustar here
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The first line is an example sentence in English
The second line is and example sentence in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn how to chat people up in Spanish
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The Contents

Do you come here often?
¿Vienes aquí a menudo?
Would you like to dance?
¿Quieres bailar?
chat up lines
frases de ligar
I don't know how to kiss. Could you teach me?
No sé besar. ¿Me podrías enseñar?
It's not my fault that I like you.
No tengo la culpa de que me gustes.
Could you lend me a dictionary? It's just that on seeing you I have been lost for words.
¿Podrías prestarme un diccionario? Es que al verte me he quedado sin palabras.
Is your name google? In you I have found all that I am looking for.
¿Te llamas Google? En ti encuentro todo lo que busco.
I love this song. Do you know who it is by?
Me encanta esta canción. ¿Sabes de quién es?
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