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A1 - Asking questions about someone else in Spanish?

Asking someone about somebody else.

The first thing you might notice is that is in English we always explicitly say who we are refering to with he she or it in Spanish it is not necesarilly so. 

¿dónde vive? Could mean Where does he she or it live?  

It is not normally a problem because it is obvious from the context. 

If you really want you can include a subject pronoun. eg ¿dónde vive ella?  Where does she live? 

We have included the subject pronoun in some of the examples but they are optional.

Another thing you might notice is that speaking about the 3rd person in Spanish is very much like using "usted" or the formal style. 
¿dónde vive usted?  Where do you live? (formal style) 

Note also that "su" could be either his or her.
¿Quién es su deportista favorito? Who is his or her favourite sports person? 
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The first  line is an example word  in English 
The second line is and example word in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn how to ask other people about a third person  in Spanish.
Very similar questions to these but asking about the other person (the second person)

The Contents

What is his name?
¿cómo se llama?
Where is she from?
¿De dónde es?
Is he Spanish?
¿Es español?
Where does she live?
¿Dónde vive?
Where was her mother born?
¿Dónde nació su madre?
Who does your father live with?
¿Con quién vive tu padre?
How old is your boyfriend?
¿Cuántos años tiene tu novio?
What is his job?
¿a qué le dedica?
Does your sister have any pets?
¿Tu hermana tiene mascota?
What is his favourite colour?
¿Cuál es su color favorito?
Is your brother tall?
¿tu hermano es alto?
What does your mother do in her free time?
¿Qué hace tu madre en su tiempo libre?
What does he do after work?
¿Qué hace después del trabajo?
Who is his favourite actor?
¿Quién es su actor favorito?
Does he have any brothers or sisters?
¿Tiene hermanos?
Does your teacher have any sisters?
¿Tu profesor tiene hermanas?
What is your brother's name?
¿cómo se lama tu hermano?
What are his sisters' names?
¿cómo se llaman sus hermanas?
What is his ambition?
¿Cuál es su ambición?
What does he like doing?
¿Qué le gusta hacer?
Where would she like to visit?
¿A dónde le gustaría visitar?
Is she happy with her weight?
¿Está contenta con su peso?
Would she like to go to disneyland?
¿Le gustaría ir a Disneyland?
What is her hair like?
¿Cómo es su pelo?
Which football team does he support?
¿Qué equipo de fútbol apoya?
Who is his favourite sportsperson?
¿Quién es su deportista favorito?
What is her ambition?
¿Cuál es su ambición?
Where does he go on holiday?
¿A dónde se va de vacaciones?
Does she like Game of Thrones?
¿A ella le gusta Juego de tronos?
What did he vote for in the referendum?
¿cómo votó en el referéndum?
How long does he spend on Facebook?
¿cuánto tiempo pasa en Facebook?
How many Facebook friends does she have?
¿Cuántos amigos de Facebook tiene ella?
Does he use Twitter?
¿Él usa Twitter?
Does she smoke?
¿Ella fuma?
Is he shy?
¿Es él tímido?
How does he get to work?
¿Cómo llega él al trabajo?
How long does he take to get to work?
¿Cuánto tiempo tarda en llegar al trabajo?
Does she like her job?
¿A ella le gusta su trabajo?
Is she lazy or hardworking?
¿Es ella perezosa o trabajadora?
What is his favourite food?
¿Cuál es su comida favorita?
What is his dog's name?
¿cómo se llama su perro?
Does she ever visit her family?
¿Alguna vez visita a su familia?
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