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How to learn using flashcards
Fast memory techniques using flashcards

How to learn using flashcards

Flashcard help

Flashcards are one of the fastest and most efficient tools for memorizing information. Traditionally flashcards were made on pieces of card called index cards. On one side of the card is a question or a cue and the other side of the card is the answer or the response.

The most common way of using flashcards is to look at the question side of the flashcard and try to think of the answer. Then the flashcard is turned over and it is possible to see if the answer you thought of is correct or not. If a question is easy and you know the answer the card is put on the "known" pile. If the answer was difficult and you did not know the answer then the card is put on the "not learned yet" pile.

When the original pile of flashcards has been looked at there will be two piles "the learned" and the "not learned yet". You continue using the "not learned yet" cards until they all become learned. To fully memorise all the cards it is best to repeat the exercise a few hours afterwards and the occasionally to reeinforce your memory.

On our website we have made some flashcard pages to help you learn things. They imitate the traditional flashcard system but we have also included more than one piece of information for the answer. This is so that the flashcard can appeal to more levels. For example with language learning it may be enough to translate just one word or you may prefer to learn an example in a sentence.

To start the flashcard exercise click on RESTART. You can show or hide pieces of information
Click on the button to hide or show information.

If you already know the word or the answer click on MARK AS LEARNED.
If you want to see the card again click on MARK AS NOT LEARNED

At the top of the screen you can see some statistics about your learning session.

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