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Imperfect of SER
The Imperfect of SER in Spanish
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Imperfecto de Ser en ingles

Learn the Imperfect of Ser

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To use the verb ser correctly you will have to understand difference between ser and estar which both translate to "be" in English. There is a tutorial here

You can compare the use of estar in the imperfect with ser here

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We were best friends.
Éramos mejores amigos.
My parents were too strict.
Mis padres eran demasiado estrictos.
You guys weren´t as clever me.
No erais tan listos como yo.
I was very naughty when I was a boy.
Era muy travieso cuando era un niño.
It was four o'clock in the afternoon.
Eran las cuatro de la tarde.
The actors were very ugly.
Los actores eran muy feos.
I thought that you were older than me!
¡Pensé que eras mas viejo que yo!
Your grandmother was Chilean.
Tu abuela era chilena.
That was my doubt.
Eso era mi duda.
I was very happy until I met you.
Era muy feliz hasta que te conocí.
Everyone knew that it was me.
Todo el mundo sabía que era yo.
They were different, but they loved each other.
Eran diferentes, pero se amaban.
What were you like when you were fifteen?
Cómo eras cuando tenías quince años?
I wasn´t old I was young.
No era viejo era joven.
What were you like when you were young?
¿Cómo eras de pequeño?
You were the love of my life.
Eras el amor de mi vida.
I thought that you guys were my friends.
Creí que erais mis amigos.
They weren´t mine.
No eran míos.
It was one o´clock when my parents left.
Era la una cuando mis padres se fueron.
His uncle was tall.
Su tío era alto.
I bought it when I was younger.
Lo compré cuando era más joven.
You guys were very good friends when you were little.
Erais muy buenos amigos cuando erais pequeños.
I think that things were worse before.
Pienso que antes las cosas eran peores.
We were neighbours.
Éramos vecinos.
What time was it when you arrived?
¿Qué hora era cuando llegaste?
You guys were members of the debate club.
Erais miembros del club de debate.
Were you hardworking when you were younger?
¿Eras trabajador cuando eras más joven?
What were you guys like in your youth?
¿Cómo erais en vuestra juventud?
When we were very poor we had to ask for money from our parents.
Cuándo éramos muy pobres teníamos que pedir dinero de nuestros padres.
When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut.
Cuándo era pequeño quería ser astronauta.
When we were young my brothers and I always played in the street.
Cuando éramos jovenes mis hermanos y yo siempre jugábamos en la calle.
Sara was an extremely clever girl.
Sara era una chica extremadamente lista.
We were too young to understand.
Éramos demasiado pequeños para entender.
He was a very honest man.
Era un hombre muy honrado.
Life was very different before the internet.
La vida era muy diferente antes del internet.
Did you play tennis when you were little?
¿Jugabas al tenis cuando eras pequeño?
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