Free Resources for Learning Spanish

Learn Spanish Introduction

Since 1997 Lingolex has been creating this site for people learning Spanish. We have lived in Spain for many years and the content is based on our own experiences learning Spanish and what we learned as private language teachers teaching English to Spanish people. It is not a complete course it is just a grab bag of lots of learning resources. The site design is simplistic to reduce download bandwidth. We are slowly converting the site to responsive design which looks good on a smartphone but many pages are not perfect yet.

A Random List of things to help you learn Spanish

A1 Learn Spanish Course. click
Spanish Vocabulary Lists. click
List of Learn Spanish pages. click
Spanish Verb Conjugator click
Ser and Estar Tutorial. click
Spanish English Bilingual Chatroom. click
Por and Para Tutorial. click
100 Most used verbs. click
101 most useful sentences. click
How to start a conversation in Spanish. click
Page about Spanish food. click
Spanish Grammar Tutorials click
Parallel Texts. click
Spanish Pronunciation click
How to learn a language. click


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Learn French. click
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Learn French. click
Aprender ingl├ęs click


Information about Granada Spain. click
Crazycalculations click
Interesting facts click
Old Version of this page click