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Preterite of Estar
The Preterite of Estar in Spanish
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Preterito de Estar en ingles

Learn the Preterite of Estar

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To use the verb estar correctly you will have to understand difference between ser and estar which both translate to "be" in English. There is a tutorial here

You can compare the use of estar in the preterite with ser here

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The last time we were here was five years ago.
La última vez que estuvimos aquí fue hace cinco años.
My brother was in Montevideo.
Mi hermano estuvo en Montevideo.
He was here 20 minutes ago.
(Él) estuvo aquí hace 20 minutos.
We were there a while ago.
Estuvimos allí hace un rato.
I was with my family.
Estuve con mi familia.
I was in Mallorca last summer.
Estuve en Mallorca el verano pasado.
Where were you last night?
¿Dónde estuviste anoche?
All the bars were shut.
Todos los bares estuvieron cerrados.
When was the last time you were here?
¿Cuándo fue la última vez que estuviste aquí?
How many days were you without work?
¿Cuántos días estuviste sin trabajar?
The shops were open late.
Las tiendas estuvieron abiertas hasta tarde.
We were in Portugal for two weeks.
Estuvimos en Portugal durante dos semanas.
They were at the party with their flatmates.
Estuvieron en la fiesta con sus compañeros de piso.
Were you guys in Madrid yesterday?
¿Estuvisteis en Madrid ayer?
Thanks to all those that are here and were here. But above all to those that will be here.
Gracias a los que estáis y estuvisteis. Pero sobre todo a los que estaréis.
The building was full of people last week.
El edificio estuvo lleno de gente la semana pasada.
You guys were on holiday for a long time.
Estuvisteis de vacaciones durante mucho tiempo.
We were in his grandmother´s house.
Estuvimos en la casa de su abuela.
You guys were in English class yesterday.
Estuvisteis en la clase de inglés ayer.
I was on holiday
estuve de vacaciones
Were you guys at the same party?
¿Estuvisteis en la misma fiesta?
I was at the cinema with your sister.
Estuve en el cine con tu hermana.
I was very ill that day.
Estuve muy enfermo ese día.
They were with me the whole time.
Estuvieron conmigo todo el tiempo.
I wasn´t at the supermarket.
No estuve en el supermercado.
You were very close to my house.
Estuviste muy cerca de mi casa.
Today we were with him in the restaurant.
Hoy estuvimos con él en el restaurante.
Why were you in Australia last month?
¿Por qué estuviste en Australia el mes pasado?
We were in Glasgow too.
Estuvimos en Glasgow también.
We were in the countryside with the whole family.
Estuvimos en el campo con toda la familia.
She was in the street with my friends.
(Ella) estuvo en la calle con mis amigos.
They were at the beach last week.
Estuvieron en la playa la semana pasada.
Everyone agreed.
Todos estuvieron de acuerdo.
When were you in Colombia?
¿Cuándo estuviste en Colombia?