European Countries in Spanish
Learn the countries and capitals of Europe

Learn European Countries and Capitals

European Countries and Capitals

I have been playing pub quizzes recently and it is definitely a good idea to know the capital cities of all the countries. Within one day of learning these countries I met a girl from Latvia and was able to show off by knowing where Riga is. It is also a good idea to know some facts like these: The smallest capital in Europe is the Vatican with a population of between 500 and 800. The biggest is London with about 9 million. The country with most people in the European Union is Germany with about 81 million inhabitants. The population of the whole of Europe is about 740 million. The most visited place in Europe is Disneyland, Paris. The European Union, celebrates Europe Day on May 9th. Belarus is the only country in Europe that still has the death penalty on its statute book. Its last executions were in 2014. Russia is very big, it takes up forty percent of Europe’s land area.

It is fairly easy to learn the names of countries in Spanish because most of them are very similar, however there are some surprises for example Latvia is not Latvia in Spanish it is Letonia. The one I always confuse is Switzerland = Suiza and Sweden = Suecia because they are so similar.

Where are you from? in Spanish is żde dónde eres?
The answer is "Soy de (country name)"
Note: We use the verb SER to speak about nationality.

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English Spanish English Spanish
Netherlands Países Bajos Ámsterdam Amsterdam
Austria Austria Viena Vienna
Switzerland Suiza Berna Bern
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Vaduz Vaduz
Moldova Moldavia ChisinĂĄu Chisinau
Greece Grecia Atenas Athens
Latvia Letonia Riga Riga
Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo Sarajevo
San Marino San Marino San Marino San Marino
Vatican Vaticano Vaticano Vatican
Hungary HungrĂ­a Budapest Budapest
Russia Rusia MoscĂș Moscow
Lithuania Lituania Vilna Vilnius
Finland Finlandia Helsinki Helsinki
Sweden Suecia Estocolmo Stockholm
Malta Malta La Valeta Valletta
Monaco MĂłnaco MĂłnaco Monaco
Norway Noruega Oslo Oslo
Ireland Irlanda DublĂ­n Dublin
Spain España Madrid Madrid
Estonia Estonia Tallin Tallinn
Denmark Dinamarca Copenhague Copenhagen
Macedonia Macedonia Skopie Skopje
Ukraine Ucrania Kiev Kiev
France Francia ParĂ­s Paris
Albania Albania Tirana Tirana
Andorra Andorra Andorra la Vieja Andorra la Vella
Germany Alemania BerlĂ­n Berlin
Montenegro Montenegro Podgorica Podgorica
Belarus Bielorrusia Minsk Minsk
Belgium BĂ©lgica Bruselas Brussels
Slovakia Eslovaquia Bratislava Bratislava
Iceland Islandia Reikiavik Reykjavik
Cyprus Chipre Nicosia Nicosia
Romania Rumania Bucarest Bucharest
United Kingdom Reino Unido Londres London
Slovenia Eslovenia Liubliana Ljubljana
Croatia Croacia Zagreb Zagreb
Italy Italia Roma Rome
Poland Polonia Varsovia Warsaw
Czech Republic RepĂșblica Checa Praga Prague
Luxembourg Luxemburgo Luxemburgo Luxembourg
Bulgaria Bulgaria SofĂ­a Sofia
Serbia Serbia Belgrado Belgrade
Portugal Portugal Lisboa Lisbon
Kosovo Kosovo Pristina Pristina