Simple Spanish Adjectives
Learn Common Spanish Adjectives with Flashcard Exercise

Learn Basic Spanish Adjectives with Flashcards

Spanish Adjectives

Here we can learn the most basic Spanish adjectives. Note that this vocabulary is a bit too simplified.

Adjectives can change according to what is being described. For example.

The opposite of old (viejo) is new (nuevo) but if we are speaking about age then the opposite of old (viejo) is young (joven).

There is a tutorial about Spanish adjectives here

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English Spanish English Spanish
interesting interesante aburrido boring
hard duro blando soft
full lleno vacio empty
complicated complicado sencillo simple
good bueno malo bad
easy fácil difícil difficult
rich rico pobre poor
dry seco mojado wet
cheap barato caro expensive
long largo corto short
narrow estrecho ancho wide
low bajo alto high
dark oscuro claro light
early temprano tarde late
stupid tonto inteligente intelligent
old (person) viejo joven young
big grande pequeño small
tall alto bajo short
easy fácil difícil difficult
strong fuerte weak débil
cold frío caliente hot
dirty sucio limpio clean
fat gordo delgado thin
fat gordo delgado thin
ugly feo hermoso, bello beautiful
lazy perezoso trabajador hard-working
thick grueso thin fino