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To use the verb estar correctly you will have to understand difference between ser and estar which both translate to "be" in English. There is a tutorial here

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She is about to go out
Ella est√° a punto de salir
I am in love with you
Estoy enamorado de ti
Are you tired?
¬¿est√°s cansado?
How are you?
¬¿C√≥mo est√°s?
They are not available.
no est√°n diponibles
You are surrounded!
¬°Est√°is rodeados!
we are grateful
estamos agradecidos
Where is Elisa?
¬¿D√≥nde est√° Elisa?
Are you here?
¬¿Est√°s aqu√≠?
I am divorced.
Estoy divorciado
I don't agree.
no estoy de acuerdo
I am busy
estoy ocupado
Where are the most pretty girls? In Spain there aren't any..
¬¿Donde est√°n las chicas mas guapas? En Espa√Īa no hay..
Why am I in a bad mood?
¬¿Por qu√© estoy de tan mal humor?
Where are the boys?
¬¿D√≥nde est√°n los chicos?
we are first in the list
estamos primeras en la lista
I am not sure
No estoy seguro
Now this is better
ahora este est√° mejor
Are they in danger.
¬¿Est√°n en peligro?
Netflix thinks I am in a different country.
Netflix piensa que estoy en un país diferente
You are not alone
No est√°is solos
Why are you guys angry?
¬¿Por qu√© est√°is enfadados?
We are never sure of anything
Nunca estamos seguros de nada
We are here to learn
Estamos aquí para aprender
the shop is open
la tienda est√° abierta
Where is Pablo?
¬¿d√≥nde est√° Pablo?
70 things you can do when you are bored
70 cosas que puedes hacer cuando est√°s aburrido
Are you still here?
¬¿todavia est√°s aqui?
I am on holiday
estoy de vacaciones
he isn't here today
no está aquì hoy
How are you guys?
¬¿C√≥mo est√°is vosotros?