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This game is based on the commercial version of this game called taboo which you may have played at some point. This version can be played during lockdown and is social distancing friendly. It involves explaining words to your teammates which they have to guess without mentioning taboo words. The taboo words are words which would normally be used to explain the key word. Imagine explaining what TENNIS is without mentioning the words:- game, raquet, players, ball etc. You will have to be much more imaginative and it might even be difficult to stop yourself saying those words. We have provided a timer to time each round and all the LINGO-TABOO cards that you will need for the game. Press the instructions button for more info.

How to play LINGO-TABOO: I will explain how to play the game as if all people were sitting in the same room. If you are playing over the internet with zoom or via a video conference you will have to work out the best way of playing. If you don't have a buzzer you will have to improvise or just shout "Taboo! or Objection! or something else. We are just providing the infrastructure for playing the game you will have to work out exactly which way of playing works for you. You would normally have two teams. For our explanation let's say we have team A and Team B and each team has 3 players. (Player A - Player B and Player C) etc. The game is divided into rounds. Team A wins the toss of a coin so Team A starts. Player A from team A picks up a card. The first word at the top of the card is the word that the other players on his team (B and C) must guess. Player A has to explain and give hints to the other players so that they guess the word. (drawings and making gestures is not allowed) Player A cannot use any of the taboo words which are written on the card. For example Let's say that the word is BOOKS and the taboo words are paper, author, write, words. If Player A says any of the taboo words by mistake TEAM B must press the buzzer or shout out. If it is true that he has said a taboo word then the player must abandon this word and go onto the next. When the other team members correctly guess a word the team gets a point. Each round lasts 60 seconds. In the next round TEAM A and TEAM B swap roles. The roles of card picker and guessers rotate wihin each team in sucessive rounds.

You can change the amount of time in the timer by editing the little box but you must keep the same format, e.g. 01:10 (one minute, 10 seconds).


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