This game is based on a TV game show called blockbusters. It involves asking questions in order to win hexagons. It would be very useful for teachers and anyone who want to play a game with other people. We have tried to provide many materials such as ready made questions, an interactive version and other materials so that you can play this game in many situations.
Interactive board Ready made questions

How to play
If you look at the playing board image. you will see a block of hexagons with a letter in each hexagon. The game is played between two teams.The object of the game is for each team to make an unbroken line from either the top to the bottom or from on side to the other without being blocked by the other team. The first letter to all the answers starts with the letter in each hexagon. Eg. The yellow team choose to go from top to bottom. They choose the letter "m" . The teacher says " we drink it and it comes from cows" The red team are the first to say milk so the teacher colours the "M" hexagon in red. The reds choose the next letter and so on. If you can't understand these intructions just ask anybody who is British and over 40 to explain it it you as they are bound to have seen the TV programme

The teacher says the answer and the students must think of possible questions.
The students themselves think of the questions.
The students must think of a sentence that contains two words that begin with the letter.
Make photocopies and get the students to play in small groups.
Give each team a time limit to get from top to bottom (45 seconds) You must accept their first answer. If they get a wrong answer block them with another colour. For a competetive version the team who gets across in the shortest time wins.
Print the image out and get it photocopied onto a transparency so you can use it with an OHP or an interactive whiteboard. Cut out some transparent hexagons and lay them on as the squares are won.
Forget the high-tech and just chalk a grid onto the blackboard.

A game in progress.
The image below is a game in progress. (using our interactive board ) There are two teams. The green team and the yellow team. The yellow team have to make a line of hexagons from top to bottom. The green team have to make a line from left to right. The red hexagons have not been won yet. If the yellow team wins W and Y they will win.

Hexagon Grid