This is a collection of question and answer packs for pub quizes. They are designed to be used online or when people are together. The questions and answers can be seen separately so all participants can play because the players can choose not to see the answers until afterwards. We have included a snippet of interesting information in most of the answers.

How to play use LINGO-QUIZ: If you want you can choose a quizmaster to read out the questions and answers. In this case none of the other participants have to look at the screen. First you choose a pack of questions using the buttons below. You click on the question button Q1 to see the first question. Just click on the next question button until you get to the end. You can use the same system to read the answers if you start at A1. All the players must note down their score at the end of each round it is best if the participants use a pen and paper for this. We imagine that the quizmaster will press the "next" button to move on to the next item but any question or answer can be easilly found by clicking on the long strip of links.

General 1General 2General 3Disney 1Veg Garden 1Soap (cleaning)Tennis 1QuakersCoffeeSpanish cities 1EarthquakesThe BeatlesSuperlative 1NitrogenFacebookThe TitanicShakespeare 1MarsPrincess DianaCapital Cities (difficult) Capital Cities (easy)