Lingoboggle (Beta)


This is a variation of the game of boggle. We made this game in the time of lockdown in the C19 epoch. It is possible to play an almost infinite number of games as a solitary player but maybe that would be antisocial. We designed this game to be played over whatsapp or any other app that allows instantaneous communication. Using the interface below you can send your friends a url which will allow them to see the same set of dice that you can see. Therefore you will be able to play competitively to see who can score the most amount of points. If you make an error you can delete letters or go back by pressing the same letter again.

The game of boggle almost needs no introduction. The player is presented with a grid of letters. The player has to make words using the letters, the next letter can only be in a square that is connected to the last letter. When you have a valid word press the "submit word" button and the word will be added to your list of words. Don't add the words unless you are sure that they exist because incorrec t words may count agaisnt you. In this game the amount of points depends on the length of the words. The longer the word the more points. This game has no dictionary checking for valid words. If you are playing competitively then you will have to argue over which words are valid or not.

Current Word:
Note: All words are not checked. You can play this game in Clingon if you wish.

Make URL to play with other people on internet

If you press the "New Random Game" above it will generate a new boggle game to play by yourself. If you want to play competetively with a friend or group of friends on whatsapp for example with the same letters just choose a number between 1 and 100 in the select box below. Copy the url that appears and paste it into whatsapp or send it to your friends. When they click on the link they will see the same letters as you. It is best to set a time limit of say 5 minutes. After five minutes all the participants must copy and paste their score into whatsapp. The person with the highest score wins. You can play like this for up to 100 times.

Choose any number between 1-100.