A Game Played with words of five letters.

This a a simple game based on "Mastermind"

Chalk five lines on the blackboard

Make two teams

Think of a word with five letters

One team says a word with 5 letters

Write the word on the five lines

Under the word use the following marking system.

If the letter exists in the word but is not in the correct position put a circle under that letter.

If a letter is in the correct position put a cross under it. Then draw five more lines underneath and repeat the process.

They will be able to guess the word by logical deduction after 3 or 4 goes. The first team to guess the word wins. With more advanced students you can use bigger words.

Here is a list of 5 letter words that you can use with children

Black boots brown chair class clock dress drink drive eight fifty first forty fruit green happy hello hippo house month mouse mouth paper pasta plane plant ready rhino right robot ruler seven shirt shoes short sixty skirt sleep small snake socks sorry south Spain speak spend start table teach teddy teeth these thing third three tiger tooth train under verbs water where white whose woman write young

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