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Thank you to Markku Uolevi Hassinen for correcting some mistakes.
Note: Some of the questions have a Spanish bias.


What nationality was Chopin? (Polish)
What's the best known artificial international language? (esperanto)
Who lived at 221B, Baker Street, London? (Sherlock Holmes)
Who cut off Van Gogh's ear? (he did)
Where did Salvador Dali live? (Figueras)
Who painted the Mona Lisa? (Da Vinci)
What Spanish artist said he would eat his wife when she died? (Dali)
Who wrote Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Hamlet? (Shakespeare)
Who wrote Lazarillo de Tormes? (anonymous)
What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan? (alarm clock)
Where was Lope de Vega born? (Madrid)
What are the first three words of the bible? (In the beginning)
What did the 7 dwarves do for a job? (miners)
Who painted the Sistine Chapel? (Michelangelo)
Who wrote La Colmena? (Cela)
Name a famous detective who smoked a pipe and played the violin. (Sherlock Holmes)
How many people went onto Noah's Ark? (8)
What was the name of Don Quijote's horse? (Rocinante)
Who was Robin Hood's girlfriend? (Maid Marian)
Who wrote the James Bond books? (Ian Fleming)
Who wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Who said, "I think, therefore I am"? (Descartes)
Who wrote the Ugly Duckling? (Hans Christian Andersen)
Where was El Greco born? (Greece)
What's the Hungarian word for pepper? (paprika)
Which painter did the group Mecano write a song about? (Dali)
Who wrote the Satanic Verses? (Salman Rushdie)
What was the first theatre play in Spain? (La Celestina)
What's the most important book in the Moslem religion? (Koran)


When was Elvis' first ever concert? (1954)
Who sang "My Way"? (Frank Sinatra)
Who as the main actor in "Cocktail"? (Tom Cruise)
Who was the main actor in Superman 2? (Christopher Reeve)
Who did Madonna marry? (Sean Penn)
Who sang, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"? (Bing Crosby)
Name the two main actors in "The Sting". (Paul Newman and Robert Redford)
What year did Elvis Presley die? (1977)
What film star who was in 9½ weeks is now a boxer? (Mickey Rourke)
Who were the two main actors in "Pretty Woman"? (Julia Roberts and Richard Gere)
Name two actors who played James Bond. (Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, David Niven, Roger Moore)
Who was the director of the film "Psycho"? (Alfred Hitchcock)
In which city is Hollywood? (Los Angeles)
Who did John Lennon marry? (Yoko Ono and Cynthia Powell)
Name three of the beatles (Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison)
Which 2 actors were in "Gone with the wind"?(Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh)
Who wrote the song "Johnny B good"? (Chuck Berry)
What was the first film with sound? (the Jazz Singer)
How many oscars did Alfred Hitchcock win? (none)
Which film about Germany won most prizes in 1976? (Cabaret)
What year did the drummer of Def Lepperd loose his arm? (1984)


Where are the Dolomites? (Italy)
What's the capital of Kenya? (Nairobi)
Which is the largest ocean? (Pacific)
What's the capital of Honduras? (Tegucigarpa)
What's the capital of Ethiopia? (Addis Ababa)
What's the capital of Ecuador? (Quito)
What's the smallest country in the world? (Vatican City)
What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)
What's the largest city in India? (Bombay)
How many avenues radiate from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris? (12)
What's the capital of Denmark? (Copenhagen)
What's the capital of Brazil? (Brasilia)
Which river goes through London? (Thames)
What's the highest mountain in Africa? (Kilimanjaro)
What's the capital of Finland? (Helsinki)
Where is Mulhacen? (Granada, Spain)
How many states are there in the United States of America? (50)
Which river passes through Madrid? (Manzanares)
Which German city is famous for the perfume it produces? (Cologne)
What's the capital of Monaco? (Monaco)
Which is Britain's second largest city? (Birmingham)
What is 15 metres high, 8 metres wide and 240 kilometers long? (Great Wall pf China)
What's the highest mountain in the world? (Everest)
What's the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)
Which country has the largest area: Australia, Brazil or India? (Brazil)
Where are the Luxembourg Gardens? (Paris)
Which mountains are between Spain and France? (Pyrenees)
Which is the smallest ocean? (Artic)


How many wives did Henry the Eighth have? (six)
Where was General Franco born? (Teruel)
When did the first man go into space? (1961)
Who was the first man in space? (Gagarin)
Where did the first atomic bomb explode for the first time in Japan? (Hiroshima)
Who said, "Vini, vidi, vici"? (Caesar)
What year did Christopher Columbus go to America? (1492)
Who did Lady Diana Spencer marry? (Prince Charles)
Who did Prince Rainier of Monaco marry? (Grace Kelly)
What year did the Spanish Civil War end? (1939)
When did the First World War start? (1914)
When did the Second World War end? (1945)
Can Queen Elizabeth the Second vote? (no)
Who was the first president of America? (Washington)
Who did General Franco designate as his successor in 1969? (Juan Carlos)
How many fingers did Ann Boleyn have? (11)
Who was Felipe el Hermoso's wife? (Juana la Loca)
Did Neil Armstrong put his left or his right foot on the moon first? (left)
What year did King Juan Carlos get married? (1962)
In what decade was the last execution at the Tower of London? (1940s)
When did the Americans leave Vietnam? (1973)
Who was the first man on the moon? (Neil Armstrong)
Where was Marco Polo's home town? (Venice)
Which Italian leader was terribly afraid of the evil eye? (Mussolini)
How many children has Queen Elizabeth the Second got? (4)
What's the real name of Siddartha Gautama? (Buddha)
What's the name of the famous big clock in London? (Big Ben)
Where was Christopher Columbus born? (Genoa)
When did the American Civil War end? (1865)
What country gave Florida to the USA in 1891? (Spain)
Who gave his name to the month of July? (Julius Caesar)
What did the Montgolfier brothers invent? (the balloon)
Who is the president of Iraq? (Sadam Hussein)
When was President Kennedy killed? (1963)
What stopped in London at 3.45 on August 5th, 1975? (Big Ben)
What nationality was Marco Polo? (Italian)


Who won a gold medal for Spain in cycling in the 1992 Olympics? (Jose Manuel Moreno)
Who is the tallest basketball player in the world? (Manute Boll - 2.31m)
What do you use to take a cork out of a bottle? (a corkscrew)
What language has the most words? (English)
What's the name of the main airport in Madrid? (Barajas)
What money do they use in Japan? (yen)
What year did Paquirri die? (1984 or 1985)
Where does the American president live? (The White House)
What is the first letter on a typewriter? (Q)
What do the opposite sides of a dice add up to? (7)
Which fast food restaurants were established by Ray Kroc? (McDondalds)
How long is a round in boxing? (3 minutes)
Who is the Prime Minister of Britain? (Tony Blair)
What's the highest score in a gymnastics exercise? (10)
What time do the pubs normally close in England? (11 o'clock)
How many months have 31 days? (7)
How many eyes are there on a pack of 52 cards? (42)
What is the main language in Albania? (Tosco)
What's the fastest passenger plane in the world? (concorde)
What are the Sun, the Independent and the Guardian? (newspapers)
How many coloured balls are there in billiards? (15)
What's the longest word in Spanish? (superextraordinarissimo)
How many players are there in a basketball team? (5)
Which is the most spoken language? (Chinese)
How many lanes does an olympic swimming pool have? (8)
In what language does "obrigado" mean "thank you"? (Portuguese)
How many squares are there on a chess board? (64)
How many prongs are there on a fork? (4)
Who starts first in chess? (white)
How many events are there in the decathlon? (10)
What activity other than jumping are kangaroos good at? (boxing)
How many players are there in a volleyball team? (6)
What are the five colours of the Olympic rings? (red, yellow, green, blue black)
Where are the most expensive seats at a bullfight? (in the shade)
Who named a perfume for her fashion shows on the 5th day of the month? (Chanel)
How many dots are there on two dice? (42)
What horoscope sign has a crab? (cancer)
In which shop can you buy books in England? (bookshop)
Where does the British Prime Minister live? (10, Downing Street)
How long is the compulsory military service in England? (it doesn't exist)


What does the female praying mantis do after she's made love? (she eats the male)
How many colours are there in a rainbow? (7)
How many legs has a spider got? (8)
What are the three primary colours? (red, blue and yellow)
What type of elephant has got the biggest ears? (African)
Who invented the electric light bulb? (Thomas Edison)
Who invented the telephone? (Bell)
Which nail grows fastest? (middle)
What temperature does water boil at? (100ÂșC)
Who discovered penicillin? (Fleming)
What did Joseph Priesley discover in 1774? (Oxygen)
Where is the smallest bone in the body? (ear)
Which is the only mammal that can't jump? (elephant)
What does the roman numeral C represent? (100)
What colour is a panda? (black and white)
What's the smallest type of tree in the world? (Bonsai)
Who invented television? (John Logie Baird)
Who said E=mc2 (Einstein)
Which planet is nearest the sun? (Mercury)
What colours make purple? (red and blue)
What's the hardest rock? (diamond)
How much does a litre of water weigh? (1kg)