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DAZZLE: Make unable to see clearly or act normally because of too much light. (car headlights) EG. I'm sick and tired of motorists who dazzle the oncoming traffic because they are too lazy to switch to low-beam. Fig. Do something so well that it is incredible, eg, Maradonna put on a dazzling display of ball skills in the cup final. Carmenchu dazzled the examiner with her exceptional knowledge of phrasal verbs.

GLIMMER: Emit a weak uncertain light. The only thing I could see was the glimmer from the luminous dial of my alarm clock. Fig. A glimmer of hope. eg. The last glimmer of hope faded of finding any survivors in the mining disaster when the search was called off after four days.

GLISTEN: Shine brightly, especially on wet or polished surfaces (tear-stained cheek, morning dew. EG: His forehead glistened with sweat.

TWINKLE: Shine with a light that gleams unsteadily. (stars, street lights from a long distance) EG: Our first sight of land was the twinkling harbour lights.

FLICKER: Burn or shine unsteadily. (candle, old Charlie Chaplin film, stroboscope) EG: The candle flickered in the wind.

GLOW: Send out light or warmth without flame. (cigarette end, red poker) EG: The fire had gone out but the embers were still glowing.

SHIMMER: Shine with a wavering or soft light. (moonlight or sea,) The moonlight shimmered on the sea.

GLINT: A small flash of light, usually a reflection on steel or shiny surfaces e.g King Arthur's sword glinted in the sunlight as he led his troops into battle.

SPARKLE: Send out flashes of light. (a diamond) The Queen's diamond necklace sparkled as she entered the room.

SPARK: A flash of light produced by the breaking of an electrical current. EG:The electric heater started to spark so I turned it off.

FLASH: Sudden burst of light. The flash of lightning was so strong that it lit up the street for two or three seconds.

TWILIGHT: Faint half-light before sunrise or after sunset. EG. I could just make out the face of our new companion in the twilight.


TEFL PITSTOP https://www.lingolex.com/jstefl.htm

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