The conjugation of the Spanish Verb


deletrear to spell
Indicative                 Subjunctive      
Present   Present Perfect   Future   Future Perfect Present   Present Perfect
deletreo he deletreado   deletrearé habré deletreado deletree   haya deletreado
deletreas has deletreado deletrearás habrás deletreado deletrees   hayas deletreado
deletrea ha deletreado deletreará habrá deletreado deletree   haya deletreado
deletreamos hemos deletreado deletrearemos habremos deletreado deletreemos   hayamos deletreado
deletreáis habéis deletreado deletrearéis habréis deletreado deletreéis   hayáis deletreado
deletrean han deletreado deletrearán habrán deletreado deletreen   hayan deletreado
Past pret   Past Perfect Conditional   Conditional Perfect Preterite Past Perfect
deletreé había deletreado deletrearía habría deletreado deletreara   hubiera deletreado
deletreaste habías deletreado deletrearías habrías deletreado deletrearas   hubieras deletreado
deletreó había deletreado deletrearía habría deletreado deletreara   hubiera deletreado
deletreamos habíamos deletreado deletrearíamos habríamos deletreado deletreáramos   hubiéramos deletreado
deletreasteis habíais deletreado deletrearíais habríais deletreado deletrearais   hubierais deletreado
deletrearon habían deletreado deletrearían habrían deletreado deletrearan   hubieran deletreado
Imperfect   Preterite Past Perfect
deletreaba deletrease hubiese deletreado
deletreabas Imperative Subject deletreases hubieses deletreado
deletreaba deletrea deletrease hubiese deletreado
deletreábamos deletree usted deletreásemos hubiésemos deletreado
deletreabais deletread vosotros-as deletreaseis hubieseis deletreado
deletreaban deletreen ustedes deletreasen hubiesen deletreado