The conjugation of the Spanish Verb


becar to give a grant to
Indicative                 Subjunctive      
Present   Present Perfect   Future   Future Perfect Present   Present Perfect
beco he becado   becaré habré becado beque   haya becado
becas has becado becarás habrás becado beques   hayas becado
beca ha becado becará habrá becado beque   haya becado
becamos hemos becado becaremos habremos becado bequemos   hayamos becado
becáis habéis becado becaréis habréis becado bequéis   hayáis becado
becan han becado becarán habrán becado bequen   hayan becado
Past pret   Past Perfect Conditional   Conditional Perfect Preterite Past Perfect
bequé había becado becaría habría becado becara   hubiera becado
becaste habías becado becarías habrías becado becaras   hubieras becado
becó había becado becaría habría becado becara   hubiera becado
becamos habíamos becado becaríamos habríamos becado becáramos   hubiéramos becado
becasteis habíais becado becaríais habríais becado becarais   hubierais becado
becaron habían becado becarían habrían becado becaran   hubieran becado
Imperfect   Preterite Past Perfect
becaba becase hubiese becado
becabas Imperative Subject becases hubieses becado
becaba beca becase hubiese becado
becábamos beque usted becásemos hubiésemos becado
becabais becad vosotros-as becaseis hubieseis becado
becaban bequen ustedes becasen hubiesen becado