Fish in Spanish
Fish in English and Spanish
Spanish vocabulary fish - pescado.
Vocabulario de Pescado en ingles


Mercadona Fish
This page with the vocabulary of Fish is inspired by a facebook group about Spanish Food. Lots of British people who live in or who are on hoilday in Spain go to the supermarket to buy fish and they have no idea about what they are buying.

Lists of Spanish fish vocabulary do exist on internet but they have lots of strange fish that nobody has even heard of. So this page has been made buy visiting the websites of these online supermarkets in Spain :- Mercadona, Al Campo, Carrefour and the British supermarkets Sainsburys, Waitrose and Tescos. From there I have harvested all the fish vocab I can find so tha this page will be useful to people who actually go to buy fish in England or Spain.

It is sometimes difficult to translate fish because they are called different things in differet places. I am not so sure of my translation of John Dory.

A "pez" is a fish in the sea but "pescado" is the fish that we eat.

There is a free flashcard system to help you learn this vocabulary here

A fillet of Hake - Un filete de merluza
A slice/round of Salmon - Una rodaja de Salmón
Anchovies – Anchoas
Monkfish or Angler Fish Cheeks - Cachetes de Rape
Baby squid - Chipirón
Barbel – El barbo común
Bass – Lubina
Blue whiting - Bacaladilla
Bonefish – Macabí
Chameleas - Chirlas
Clams – Almejas
Cockles - Berberechos
Cod – Bacalao
Cod cheeks - cococha de bacalao
Crab – Cangrejo
Crayfish – Cangrejo de río
Croaker / Corvina - Corvina
Cuttlefish - Sepia
Dogfish - Cazón
Dover Sole - Lenguado
Dried salted Tuna - Mojama
Eel – Anguila
Fish – Pescado
Fish fingers – Bastoncitos de pescado
Flying fish – Pez volador
Gilt Head Bream - Dorada
Haddock – Róbalo
Hake - Merluza
Herring – Arenque
Herring Hake - Pijotas de costa / cariocas
Horse Mackerel – Jurel
John Dory - Pez de San Pedro
John Dory – Pez gallo
King Prawn - Gambas
Kingklip / Red Hake - Rosada
Kipper (smoked herring) - arenque ahumado
Lobster – Langosta, Bogavante
Mackerel - Caballa
Monkfish – Rape
Mussels - Mejillones
Needle Fish – Pez Aguja
Octopus – Pulpo
Oysters – Ostras
Perch – Perca
Pipefish – Agujas
Plaice - pez platija
Pollack - Abadejo
Pompano / Jack - Palometa
Razor clams – Navajas
Red mullet - Barbo de mar
Red mullet - Salmonete
Roe - Huevas
Roll Mop Herring - Filete de arenque encurtido
Salmon – Salmón
Salt cod - Bacalao en salazón
Sardines - Sardinas
Sardines in marinade - Sardinas en escabeche
Scallop - Vieira
Scampi - Gambas rebozadas
Sea Bass - Lubina
Sea Bream- Besugo
Sea Urchin - Erizo de mar
Seafood – Mariscos
Shark – Tiburon
Shellfish - Marisco de concha
Shrimps – Gambas
Skipjack tuna - Bonito
Sole – Lenguado
Squid – Calamares
Squid rings – Anillos de calamares
Squids – Calamares
Swordfish – Pez espada / Emperador
Trout – Trucha
Tuna – Atún
Turbot - Rodaballo
Whitebait - boquerones
Some Expressions
like a fish out of water - como gallina en corral ajeno
there are plenty more fish in the sea - hay mucho más donde elegir
to be a big fish in a little pond - ser un pez gordo (en un lugar pequeño)
to be a small fish in a big pond - ser uno de tantos
to drink like a fish - beber como un cosaco
to have other fish to fry - tener cosas más importantes que hacer
to swim like a fish - nadar como un pez
fish market - mercado de pescado
fish tank - pecera