"There is" in Spanish
Hay - There is there are in Spanish

HAY - There is - There are in Spanish

How do we say there is / there are in Spanish?

There is / There are in Spanish is easy - It is "hay"
It is pronounced like eye or I in English.
There is no difference in singular and plural.
In English we often use "some" and "any" with "there is" in Spanish it is not necesary.
It is very easy. Please study the examples.

There is a pencil on the tableHay un lápiz sobre la mesa
There are two girls in the houseHay dos chicas en la casa
There is some cheese in the fridge.hay queso en el frigorífico
There are a lot of students in the classHay muchos estudiantes en la clase
There are too many young people without workHay demasiados jóvenes sin trabajo
There aren't any cats.No hay gatos
There isn't any milk in the fridge.no hay leche en el frigorífico
There aren't many boys in the village.No hay muchos chicos en el pueblo
There is no school todayHoy no hay colegio
There is nobody like you.No hay nadie como tú
Is there any ice cream?¿hay helado?
Is there any life on other planets?¿hay vida en otros planetas?
Are there any rats in my house?¿hay ratas en mi casa?
Are there any flowers in the garden?¿hay flores en el jardín?
Is there a party today?¿hay una fiesta hoy?
Hay at other times.
There was a pencil on the tableHabía un lápiz sobre la mesa
There will be no changes /There won't be any changesno habrá cambios
There were thousands of deaths among the refugeesHabía miles de muertos entre los refugiados
there would be a danger of explosion at high temperatureshabria peligro de explosion en temperaturas altas
There wasn't anyone at homeNo había nadie en casa
Other examples
It's nothing / You're welcomeno hay de qué
What's up? / What's new?¿qué hay?