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Adverbs of Frequency
Spanish Adverbs of Frequency
Spanish Adverbs of Frequency
Aprender los adverbios de frecuencia en ingles

Adverbs of frequency in Spanish

What are adverbs of frequency?

They are words we use to speak about how often something happens.

For example:
How often do you play tennis? I play tennis every day.
¿Con qué frecuencia juegas al tenis? Juego al tenis todos los días.

Position of adverbs of frequency

Most adverbs of frequency are placed after the verb in Spanish but the adverbs siempre, nunca and raramente usually precede the verb.

Most adverbial phrases like "de vez en cuando" can either precede or follow a verb.

Every in Spanish

Every = todos los
Every day = todos los días
Every week = todos los semanas
Every year = todos los años

Once, twice, etc. in Spanish

once = una vez
twice = dos veces
three times = tres veces

four times a week = cuantro veces por semana
eight times a year = ocho veces al año

Note the change in spelling VEZ is singular VECES is plural

There is a flashcard exercise to help you learn the Spanish Adverbs of Frequency here

Examples of Spanish frequency adverbs

English Spanish English Spanish
rarely rara vez rara vez se equivoca she rarely makes a mistake
once in a while de vez en cuando Como dice mi padre, de vez en cuando hay que pecar. As my father says, once in a while you have to sin.
normally Normalmente Normalmente vienen a las 8 de la mañana They normally come at 8 in the morning
annually anualmente WhatsApp empieza a cobrar anualmente a los usuarios de iPhone WhatsApp start to charge iPhone users annually
frequently frecuentamente Tener sexo frecuentamente te hace más inteligente Having sex frequently makes you more intelligent
every year anualmente ¿Cuantas toneladas de CO2 se producen anualmente? How many tons of CO2 are produced every year.
almost never Casi nunca Casi nunca llueve. It almost never rains.
always Siempre Siempre traigo buenas noticias I always bring good news
never Nunca Nunca bebo alcohol con el estómago vacío I never drink alcohol on a empty stomach
regularly con frecuencia ¿En qué meses los huracanes ocurren con frecuencia? In which months do hurricanes occur regularly
often a menudo Discutir a menudo aumenta el riesgo de muerte To argue often increases the risk of death.
weekly semanalmente Lista de videoclips (actualizada semanalmente) List of videoclips(updated weekly)
hourly cada hora Mi bebé se despierta cada hora My baby wakes up every hour.
constantly constantemente los precios de la gasolina se aumentan constantemente Prices of gasoline go up all the time
daily diariamente Hacer deporte diariamente puede reducir el riesgo de enfermedad Doing sport daily can reduce the risk of illness
occasionally ocasionalmente En invierno aparecen delfines ocasionalmente frente al hotel. In Winter dolphins occasionally appear in front of the hotel.
seldom Casi nunca Casi nunca tengo ganas de hacer al amor I seldom feel like making love
monthly mensualmente ¿Cuánto tengo que pagar mensualmente por un préstamo? How much do I have to pay monthly for a loan.
sometimes a veces a veces me pregunto si no tendrá razón sometimes I wonder if she is right
usually Normalmente Normalmente me levanto a las ocho I normally get up at eight ©