"Mismo" for emphasis
Emphatic use of "Mismo" in Spanish

Emphatic use of "mismo" in Spanish


When we really want emphasise the reflexiveness of an action or draw attention to the the fact that something is doing something to itself we can use "mismo".

All the examples below were taken from Spanish websites. This page is an addition to the page on reflexives in Spanish

Why can't we tickle ourselves?¿Por qué no podemos hacernos cosquillas a nosotros mismos?
I know that the blood of Christ has covered all my sins, but I can't forgive myself.Sé que la sangre de Cristo ha cubierto todos mis pecados, pero no puedo perdonarme a mí mismo
Your book is a guide to loving oneself.Tu libro es una guía para amarse a uno mismo.
We don't let ourselves get to know ourselves.No nos permiten conocernos a nosotros mismos.
Respect oneselfRespetarse a uno mismo
a 36 year old woman decided to get married to herselfuna mujer de 36 años decidió casarse con ella misma
a snake eating itselfuna serpiente comiéndose ella misma
Christina Aguilera: Did she disguise herself as herself?Christina Aguilera: ¿Se disfrazó de ella misma?
Look after yourselves: eat green vegetables and do excercise. (formal ustedes)Cuídense a si mismos: coman muchos vegetales verdes y hagan ejercicio.
A woman disfigured her own face after practising plastic surgery on herself.Una mujer se desfigura la cara tras practicarseella misma una cirugía plástica.