Subject pronouns in Italian

Subject pronouns in Italian

Grammar notes:

Subject pronouns are words like. I, you, he, she ,it we , you , they.

Subjects are normally people or things that do an action. eg. John, Peter and Susan, My dog etc

Subject pronouns replace the names. John, Peter and Susan, My dog etc = He, they, it etc.

Italian has formal and informal pronouns - Tu is used to address familiy members, peers, children, close friends, and animals.

Note that “egli, ella, essi, esse”, (he, she, they, they) are also Italian subject pronouns but they are used more in written Italian than in the spoken Italian.

The personal pronouns used as the subject of a sentence are less frequently used in Italian than in English, the subject pronoun is generally omitted, because the subject is expressed in the ending of the verb.

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The first line is a word in English -
The second word is the Italian translation of the first line.

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The Contents

you (singular familiar)
you (singular formal)
he, she
lui lei
you (plural familiar)
you (plural formal)
me also
anche io
My father and I
Mio padre ed io
You, she and I are going to the beach.
Tu, lei ed io andiamo in spiaggia.
He is a doctor and she is a dentist.
Lui è un medico e lei è una dentista.

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