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We have a very popular site for learning Spanish. The learning Italian section is a recycling of some of the content. Most of the Italian content is useful vocabulary lists.

Italian Course An Italian Course we are developing which includes exercises pased on the flashcard system and it also has sound files. Vocab ListGlobal
Clothes in Italian The vocabulary associated with clothes Vocab ListFalse Beginner
Survival Italian Italian survival words and phrases Vocab ListFalse Beginner
Jobs and professions in Italian Jobs and professions in Italian Vocab ListFalse Beginner
Basic adjectives with opposites In Italian

Basic adjectives with opposites In Italian with sound files and learning system

Vocab ListFalse Beginner
Numbers in Italian with sounds Learn the numbers in Italian with sounds and learning system. Vocab ListFalse Beginner
Basic Colors Learn the colours in Italian Vocab ListFalse Beginner
Subject Pronouns Lean the Subject Pronouns in Italian Vocab ListFalse Beginner
Italian House Vocabulary Vocabulary of the house in Spanish , Italian and English. Vocab ListBeginner
100 popular Italian verbs The most used verbs in Italian Vocab ListBeginner
Human body in Italian Words to use when talking about the body in Italian Vocab ListBeginner
Daily routine in Italian Talking about daily routine in Italian Vocab ListBeginner
Directions in Italian Directions in Italian Vocab ListBeginner
Restaurant Italian


Vocab ListBeginner
101 common sentences in Italian In this lesson we look at the 101 most common expressions and useful phrases in Italian. Vocab ListBeginner
Shops in Italian Learn the vocabulary of shops in Italian. Vocab ListBeginner
Simple verbs in the Present Learn how to use some simple Italian verbs in the present. Vocab ListBeginner
Family Words Italian Family Words with sound. Vocab ListBeginner
Italian Conversation Starters Lots if ways of starting a conversation in Italian Vocab ListLower intermed.
Colors in Italian The vocabulary associated with colour. Vocab ListLower intermed.
Hotels in Italian Hotels in Italian Vocab ListLower intermed.
Food words in Italian Words used in  Italian Cookery Vocab ListLower intermed.
Italian Football Vocab Most of the words associated with Football in Italian Vocab ListLower intermed.
Animals in Italian Words related to animals in Italian Vocab ListLower intermed.
Most popular Italian Verbs with sounds The 100 most popular verb in Italian verbs  with flashcard exercise and sound files. Vocab ListLower intermed.
Adverbs of Frequency Adverbs of Frequency in Italian Vocab ListLower intermed.
50 useful expressions 50 useful, coloquial, slang expressions in Italian. Vocab ListIntermediate
Italian car vocabulary Car related vocabulary in Italian. Many words about cars. Vocab ListIntermediate
Personality in Italian Talking about personality in Italian Vocab ListIntermediate
Family in Italian Family in Italian Vocab ListIntermediate
Internet in Italian Internet in Italian Vocab ListIntermediate
The weather in Italian Vocabulary to help you speaking about the weather in Italian Vocab ListIntermediate
christmas in Italian Italian words and expressions relating to Christmas Vocab ListIntermediate
Italian Proverbs Proverbs and sayings in Italian Vocab ListIntermediate
tools and hardware Italian words and expressions for tools, DIY and hardware Vocab ListIntermediate
Cooking Verbs in Italian Italian verbs used in cooking. Vocab ListIntermediate
Play Taboo in Italian Preactice your Italian by playing the online version. Vocab ListIntermediate
Direct and Indirect Objects in Italian A list of sentences with object pronouns in Italian to get you used to how they are formed and sound. Vocab ListIntermediate
Physical appearance in Italian Words to use when talking about physical appearance in Italian Vocab ListVery Advanced