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Help with Spanish Vocabulary (lists etc.)

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Spanish word of the month Help with vocab and grammar
Learn 100 popular Spanish verbs with flashcards
Christmas vocabulary in Spanish and English
Words to describe physical appearance
50 Adjectives to describe personality
spanish Conversation starters
Prepositions of place for beginners e.g. under, between, etc.
61 word hangman: Learn 61 common words For beginners
Internet Terms in Spanish and English
Common proverbs
The weather - Speaking about the weather in Spanish
Almost all the uses of the verb "dar"
120 words associated with soccer Essential for talking about football.
English - Spanish food glossary 500 words with translations.
Almost all the things you can find in a house with translations.
List of clothes with translations.
50 Useful expressions. The translations are in British English.
List of "Shops and Public places" with translations. Beginners' level
List of the 100 most frequently used verbs with translations. Beginners' level.
List of 66 phrasal verbs translated to Spanish with translations. Intermediate level.
List of almost all the vocabulary connected with the church. 
List of human body vocabulary.
List of jobs and professions vocabulary.
List of vocabulary related to trains.

Adventure in Morphology More than 200 words that end in -ation

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Grammar and other useful things for Spanish learners.
Automatic Spanish verb conjugator
Ser and Estar - A Tutorial
The Spanish subjunctive - A Tutorial
Por and Para - A Tutorial

Spanish pronunciation guide - you can hear all the sounds !!!

Spanish Spanish numbers tutorial
Spanish Tutorial about Spanish Adjectives
Spanish Spanish object pronouns
20 common errors made by English speakers learning Spanish
How to write Spanish characters e.g., ñáéíóú on a Windows computer
How to cope with "Gustar" and the "back to front" verbs
Spanish imperative
Reflexive verbs
Possessive adjectives
How to use Spanish accents
Spanish verb forms reference chart
Some notes about the Spanish language for beginners.
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Friendly Interactions with native Spanish speakers.

Visit the English Spanish Cultural ExchangeThis is a penpal exchange between native Spanish speakers and native English speakers. We also have a site for Spanish learners of English and this is where all the visitors can get together for mutual assistance. You can write a message giving information about yourself and it is automatically added to the front of the list. Over 45 000 people have used it so far. Unlike most penpal exchanges this is totally free. We have received many reports of people making friends and meeting up in person.

Espanglish Chat - Online chat room where you can practice your Spanish
We started this chatroom about 8 years ago. It is now very popular and there are always at least 30 people to talk to 24 hours per day. There is normally very friendly atmosphere and most people speak both in English and Spanish and there is a mix of both English and Spanish native speakers. It has actually resulted in 3 marriages. Many people have been using it for a long time and there are several regulars who know each other. I drop in myself from time to time, maybe see you there.
Even more interesing stuff for learning Spanish

Database of links for learning SpanishThis is our database of links specifically for learning Spanish. It contains about 120 interesting links for learning Spanish that I found while surfing the Internet.It took many hours to put together using several search engines and will save you a lot of time in finding things about Spanish on Internet. If you find a good link that is not included please let us know.

Spanish Food Page This page contains our food word glossary with about 500 words and Sarah has written some recipes of typical Spanish dishes such as Paella, Tortilla, Gazpacho, etc. Click here

This page was made by Sarah and John of Lingolex. We are translators, web page makers and English teachers who live in Andalucia Spain.  If you decide that learning Spanish is too much bother maybe you will be interested in our bilingual secretarial service.

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