Spanish word of the month
Spanish word of the month

The word for December 1999 is: Hope (la esperanza)


Speaking about hope: in Spanish:

Comments: English Spanish
The most common use is: I hope so! Espero que sí.
  I hope not! Espero que no.
I hope (to be able to) I hope to be able to go in June Espero poder ir en junio
Note: Hope is one of the words that takes the subjunctive: I hope you like it Espero que te guste
This one is useful for letters: I hope (that) you are well Espero que te encuentres bien
Hope can also be translated by "ilusión" to be full of hope Estar lleno de ilusión;
Useful expresions: I don’t want to raise false hopes no quiero crear falsas expectativas
  to give up hope perder la esperanza
  I was hoping you’d say that esperaba que dijeras eso
  I feel all hopeful about ...... me siento optimista con respecto a .......

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