Free Games for Groups of People

Scattergories versión española


For many years we were English teachers and we used to play a lot of games in our classes. We are now in lockdown from Covid 19. The idea of this site is to make verions of games which can be used by groups of people. The games can be played by using smartphones or by printing out paper copies.

The Alphabet Game

You have to think of words that begin with random letters. There is a commercial version of this game called Scattegories. We have a countdown timer, 14 lists of categories and a random letter generator. You can play the game on a browser or by printing the lists on paper. Click Here

Online Boogle

Boggle is a game where you have to form words by connecting adjacent letters in a grid. We worked out a method of being able to play the game over whatsapp so that friends on lockdown can play together. Click Here