Scattergories versión española


There is a commercial version of this game called scattegories. It involves thinking of words which start with a certain letter within a time limit of 3 minutes.
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To play ALPHALEX, choose a list and select a letter. You must think of a different word which begins with that letter for each category. You have 3 minutes to complete your list. You score 1 point if you think of a word that no one else has. You score 0 points if someone has the same word. You score 2 points if you have an answer with a first and second word with the same letter (e.g. if you put "Donald Duck" for a Disney character beginning with D, you would score two points).

At the end of each round, someone acts as chairman and each player reads out their answers and writes down their score. You can discuss the answers and accept or reject them. In reality, the funniest part of the game is the arguments you can have when discussing if an answer is valid or not.

You can change the amount of time in the timer by editing the little box but you must keep the same format, e.g. 02:45 (two minutes, 45 seconds).


Choose your list

List 13

1. a city

2. a disease

3. a film

4. a holiday destination

5. an unpleasant personality trait

6. a sports star

7. an actor

8. something black

9. something in a medicine cabinet

10. something sweet

11. something with buttons

12. things in a restaurant