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at 0 - BEGINNER level for learning Spanish

at 0 - BEGINNER level

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Title Description Type Level
Popular Spanish Adjectives. (opposites) Learn Popular Spanish Adjectives with Flashcards Flashcards0 - BEGINNER
Spanish Adjectives Tutorial Explanation of how Spanish adjectives work Flashcards0 - BEGINNER
Survival Spanish This page on SURVIVAL SPANISH possibly represents the minimum requirement for travelling in a Spanish country. Vocab List0 - BEGINNER
Prepositions of place These prepositions will help you speak about where things are: Vocab List0 - BEGINNER
61 Word Hangman Learn 61 very common words in Spanish (below) then test yourself with a game of hangman. Miscelaneous0 - BEGINNER
Basic colours Colores b?sicos en espa?ol Vocab List0 - BEGINNER
Spanish Verbs for beginners. This is a beginner's guide to explain the very basics about Spanish verbs. You will learn how Spanish verbs are formed and some basic information about them. Grammar point0 - BEGINNER
Spanish Adjectives Tutorial Explanation of how Spanish adjectives work Grammar point0 - BEGINNER
How to survive in a Spanish restaurant. Some notes on going to a restaurant in Spain if you know little or no Spanish Function0 - BEGINNER
Essential Vocab for Spanish restaurants. Simple Vocabulary you will need at a Spanish Restaurant in Spain. Useful if you know little or no Spanish Vocab List0 - BEGINNER
Subject Pronouns Learn about the subject pronouns in Spanish. Grammar point0 - BEGINNER
101 very useful sentences 101 really useful sentences that every Spanish learner should know. Vocab List0 - BEGINNER
1-100 in Spanish The numbers 1-100 in Spanish Flashcards0 - BEGINNER
The dates in Spanish The dates in Spanish. Flashcards0 - BEGINNER