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at B2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE level for learning Spanish


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Title Description Type Level
Drácula The text of the novel about Dracula. Parralel TextB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Physical appearance words to describe physical appearance and make descriptions of people. Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Echar Echar is used in a large number of expressions and phrases. On this page we include some of the most common and useful ones. Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Cars Car related vocabulary in Spanish Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Entertainment Words about theatre, cinema and television Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Subjunctive Tutorial about the Spanish subjunctive Grammar pointB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
TERRORISM Vocabulary related to terrorism Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Tools Some basic words about tools in Spanish Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Imperative Grammatical explanation of the Spanish imperative. Giving orders and instructions, etc. Grammar pointB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Containers Words and expressions connected to containers. Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Advanced colours Advanced colours and expressions in Spanish Vocab ListB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
Gigante Egoísta Un cuento de Oscar Wilde Parralel TextB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
EU Regulations and Directives Some legal text from the European Union Parralel TextB2 - UPPER INTERMEDIATE
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