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Get the full version of the A1 Spanish course

This page explains how to get the full version of the the Lingolex A1 Spanish course. 

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EXPLANATION: We are currently developing the Lingolex A1 Spanish course. If you would like to contribute to the creation of this course. you can pay a fee of 5 euros. The course is designed to work like an app on a smartphone or a web page on a desktop computer.  The first step to registration is to login Click here
Step 1: Try out the course use the A1 Spanish Course Menu Bar at the top of the page to see if you like it. 
Step 2:  Sign up and login here (this will remove google ads) 
Step 3:  Pay 5 euros by paypal or credit card. 
Step 4:  Enjoy unlimited access. 

The Explanations.

Who is the Lingolex A1 Spanish course for?
It is designed for anyone with a low level of Spanish who wants to quickly accelerate vocabulary and grammatical knowledge.
Is the course free?
It is mostly free but most lessons are limited before the end unless you get the full version for a small fee.
Why is there a fee?
The fee is more like a tip. It is to give us a reason to continue to improve our site for leaning Spanish.
How much is the fee?
The fee is 5 euros. You can pay with paypal or credit card.
Why did you make this course?
Lots of the volunteers at our farm use duo lingo and other learn Spanish systems. They are travelling around and have a strong urge to learn Spanish. This is the system that I would like to use myself.
What is the method?
It is the flashcard method. You go through a series of flashcards. New pieces of information are presented when the user clicks on the -next- button. If the user thinks he has has not learned this information he can click on the -mark as not learned- button. The same information will then be shown again later.
Is this a complete Spanish course?
No, to really learn Spanish you will have to use what you have learned by reading in Spanish or interacting with Spanish speaking people. If you do not intend to do this then there is no point in learning Spanish.
What is the best way to learn a language?
I have written my answer to this question HERE
How long will it take for me to become fluent with this course?
This course will help you increase very rapidly the amount of information such as vocabulary and grammatical concepts in your brain. However you also need to have sufficient motivation: for example because you are in a Spanish speaking country and want to communicate, you are studying Spanish in a course at school or university etc. It is like having money, there is only a point in it if you enjoy spending it. You won't become fluent just by using this course but if you can also practice Spanish somewhere it will help you become fluent much faster.

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